January 2, 2019 0 By Edwin

Who does not love to try out exotic foods and recipes of different countries? Be it the continental food, Mexican, Chinese dishes, Italian snacks everyone loves to eat different types of dishes to mesmerize their taste buds.

There are several cooking games present online which will surely make your taste buds crave for the exotic dishes and food. One such game is “World chef” which is full of fun, adventure and cooking from over 20 nationalities around the globe.

The primary objective of the game is to open a restaurant and hire the finest chefs around the world to make different types of dishes. Give an unusual name to your restaurant to lure or attract the customers and suitably treat them.

Cook different types of delicious cuisines and serve the customers to make them happy so that they leave your restaurant with a smiling face of satisfaction.

As your restaurant climbs the ladder of success, you need to serve the VIP customers who come to eat in your place. If they are satisfied, you get a fantastic offer to host VIP catering events all around the globe to earn international recognition.

Just remember to create the most beautiful dishes for the customers and soon you will be on the top of the game. You can upgrade your restaurant as soon as it becomes popular as you will have more customers. Also one needs to buy the fresh ingredients from the market to use in the dishes

. The game also has a design studio from where you can decorate the interior of your restaurant to make it look fancy to attract the customers. There are several application purchases to buy exclusive crafts and decorative items for your restaurant. After leveling up you can even create a dock to trade your dishes, food ingredients all over the world with the help of a boat.

Game features
1. This game is popular among the people who love to try out new recipes and are curious to know about exotic dishes.
2. The game graphics appear to be amazing which provides a feeling of realness and makes the user addicted to it.
3. The in-application purchases in World chef allow you to buy exotic ingredients and buy crafts and decorative items for your restaurant to attract VIP customers.

Game specifications
1. Version – 1.38.3
2. Game size – 66.11 MB
3. Release date –Game author – Social point
4. Developer email –
5. Game release date – 19 January 2016
6. License – Free
7. Operating system requirements – Android 4.1 or higher. Supports Apple devices too.
8. Game category – strategy, cooking

Overall this game is quite good for people who are passionate about trying different exotic dishes. One can also learn different recipes of several dishes too, be it the continental, Italian or even Indian dishes, one can learn it all. This game is free of cost and can be downloaded from different application stores such as Google play store, 9 Application, etc. One should give a try to this game.